PowerSwitch Solar + Battery Financing

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Introducing the complete
home energy solution

At Mosaic, we want to make transitioning houses into 100% clean energy homes as easy as turning on the lights. That's why we are making home battery financing simple for qualified homeowners in our quest to convert more rooftops to solar together.

Why Batteries?


Homeowners can generate, store and use ALL of the energy their solar produces.

Save Energy,
Save Money

Homeowners can reduce the cost of utility bills even more by using battery power during peak electricity times, offsetting the cost of power when it's most expensive.

Home Batteries and
Solar Made Simple

One loan, one payment and easy installation.

A Stronger,
More Resilient Home

Make homes more resilient to power outages, storms and natural disasters.

FAQs About Batteries

How does a home battery work?
Your home battery works cooperatively with your solar system. Over the course of the day, your solar system charges your battery while it powers your home. If there is an interruption in the grid, a period of non-productivity, or as you transition into night, the battery will begin providing energy to your home.
Why would I need a home battery?
Simply put, batteries store energy from solar systems. If you live in an area that yields inconsistent or unpredictable productivity from your solar system, a battery can help mitigate these periods. Moreover, batteries allow you to capture more of the energy that your solar system produces, and as a result, offer you more power independence.
How much does a home battery cost?
Cost will vary based on the size of the battery and the manufacturer.
Will I still be tied to the grid if I get a home battery?
Yes, you will still be tied to the grid even with a home battery. Despite still being on the grid, you will have more energy independence, and coupled with a solar system, you will have more choice over how and when you draw power from the grid.
Is there free maintenance on a home battery?
Specific maintenance needs and practices will depend on battery type and manufacturer.
How long is the warranty for a home battery?
Warranties will vary depending on your battery type and manufacturer.
Are there any tax credits I can use to purchase a home battery?
In some situations the Federal Tax Credit has been applied to batteries installed with solar systems. Please consult with a tax professional to see if it will apply in your case.*
Can I get a home battery before I get solar?
At this time, the Mosaic loan on batteries is only available as a bundle with your solar system.